Monday, January 19, 2004

Adam's MW Notes & Pics!

Adam Tow provides some insightful notes and awesome photos at his site. Check it out!
Saskia! if you look closely you might see someone I know!
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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Newton at Macworld

I just came across these pics taken by Peter Fraser, another Newtontalk list member. I guess I was too busy fussing with wireless connectivity to take my own?
Newt meets MW 2004
Too bad we didn't bump into each other there.
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Saturday, January 10, 2004

I'm Back!

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Friday, January 09, 2004

MW Thoughts

I'm writing this on the bus to train to home connection now. I didn't see a single other newton the entire two days at MW. For that matter I really didn't see that many palms or pocket pcs unless you count PDA phones. iPods were the hot item and there were tons of accessories especially for the new ones. Not nearly as much for my two year old original model.

My biggest frustration was not being able to use the wireless network like everyone else. I tried every trick I could think of without success. I think the answer is that it wasn't in fact possible this year due to using extreme Mixed g+b network, over 100 T. This apparently doesn't work for the newton driver. Maybe next year. I wonder if I had tried more locations or had a newton sniffer program.....
My newton still came In handy to take notes during User group talks, maintain a list of things to do, and my schedule. I could hh? Used it to manage email via modem but that wasn't necessary because of web mail services. I did manage to post a few things to my blog.

It didn't Seem like there was as much goodies or information this year but I still have a large stack of things to go through. I didn't buy anything this year but will later after I finish my research on some upgrade options. This seems like more of a year to stretch things out and save for later.

OK, now that I have finished eating my apple it's time for relaxing with my ipod until I get home. A little later I'll post a few more notes taken at MW on my newton.
Panther Internet

Use Network or Internet Connect for dialup
DSL and Cable (Network)
PPPoE dialup Over Ethernet
I user at a time
DHCP Dynamic Host Communication Protocol
Static Address
Wireless all SF MacDonalds
Centreno same as Airport
Network Setup Assistant
Macstumbler utility
$ 10/24 hrs.
MAC address, WEP Password
spamblocker encrypts web email address from Spyders
faxing built in
Mike Sebastian
Watson Web Searcher $ 29.95

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Still no newton wireless connectivity! I suspect that changing wireless cards and a few crashes has bent something. I can use the system at home but not here roaming the huge collection of wireless hotspots. I'll get that fixed soon....

Meanwhile on to user group sessions and more questions for those on the floor....


Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Adam Update

I was able to hook up with Adam briefly at MacWorld to catch up on things since we originally met here the year before. As I would have guessed, he is very busy still and working on some very interesting and useful concepts.

Adam is working under a fellowship at Stanford and is using the time to refine and expand his Soybo App. for information management in developing countries perhaps with cell phones.
He isn't programming for or using the newton but does review list archieves from time to time. His original ipod is on the blink but he doesn't plan to buy a new one just yet. likewise, he has a palm tungsten and has evaluated the Treo 600 but doesn't it solves all needs or is intuitive. He is hosting the 10 yr anniversary of the Stanford Newton Users group Jan. 24th. He is also updating and Indexing his library of some 50,000 photos. He took my photo to update last years. We talked abont my work and some possible collaboration with another fellows animal tracking project using Cyber tracker.

A very cool connected Fellow indeed! Now was it only a coincident that we met next to the latest small ibooks......?

Unix basis 10,000 Native Apps
Expand Developer Community
Apple largest Unix User Group
Java base Mars Rover telemetry
Java 3D & lmagry upgrades just added (downloads)
IT support
9.3 mil Users
Mobile Direction
Graphic Chip Advances
Digital Hub
Pace of Innovation
Panther optimized for G5
64 bit Math & vector libraries
Free BSD-5 Interface
Directory Services acess Control
M0bi|ity built in Auto networking
VPN ipsec secure Card built in
IPG6 Internet ready
Open Source Security
Secure set up
file Vault data encryption (multiple accounts home, office)
Mail S/MIME public key Certificate
Secure empty trash Erase
Graphics and Media
2D quartz PDF Imaging library: create PDf Services folder create aliases for uses like Mail, Servers, Adobe...
Font Book true management
type ligatures Sensitive Zapifino
font bundles 10K Worth languages
Print Improvements 100's Megs print drivers Gimp
Print Share expanded
Desktop and Dock Printing
Quartz filters control color space, compassion, other Controls
Open GL Industry 3D
Quartz Extreme
Finder itunes org. feature can Custumize
Search improved Ike itunes
Labels back
Expose 3 day process Use corners mode customizable
fast user switching
$199 family Pack 5 Macs

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Macworld SF 2004

OK, a little drama with the temporary loss of wireless capability but it looks like things are back in order now.
Better yet, Adam Tow has confirmed that he will be around MW tomorrow and we are going to hook up. As for me, I'm carpooling in and staying over for Thurday before I take the train back. I have worked out a schedule via MacWorld.
I plan on posting at least a few blog updates and Newtontalk emails while there. I'll also be on the lookout for other newton users.
Hope to see You there!

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