Sunday, November 30, 2003

Today's Newton Weather Report

"created and posted wirelessly with my newton!"

Saturday, November 29, 2003

Myth on OSX

Maybe I'm the last person to know this but I just discovered that Myth has been ported to run native on OSX.
This free updater comes free from Myth Dev and they have released one for each of the 3 Myth games. These are actual upgrades to the original games. All you need to have is a copy of the onginal game on a CD. Once you do the upgrade you can also get a free account on Play Myth for network multi-player games.

OK, maybe I'll see you out there soon defending earth from The Fallen Lords and their minons!

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Macworld Update

It looks like I will be going by myself after all so I think 1 will keep it to 2 days Max. That will give me time on the floor and time to catch a few workshops. I may still take the train in or drive to Bart. I will still plan to stay at the Mosser Hotel like last year.

Saturday, November 15, 2003

More MW

Today was very good full day of Information. There is just too much good stuff to buy and I need it all!
On the list so far is a 120 gig firewire drive, 512 megs of powerbook ram, 128 mgs Of smart Media, and much, much more. It's a good thing I took the train so I can't carry much....
p.s. I didn't even mention all the iPod goodies!

OS X Tranisition

Ted Landau book or other Fixit book looks best
Mac Observer www.Macobserver. Com
Have right Mind set
finder just another app
Use Dock
Custom views in View Preferences
Don't try to Make it look like finder
Try CoLumn View
Use Home Directory don't store in root directory
Create User for each person don't give Admin
Apps shared by all
Use the folders Structure provided
Dont move Stuff
Prefs In Home library
Apple Menu little use add "fruit menu" If You MISS It
Log out Instead Of turn off
Speed feels slow Isn't save time other ways slow in one app still work in others
New apps to learn while using classic ones Under Mini Classic
Quark doesn't work
9 runs faster if you turn off What needed
Use Version Tracker to find X alternatives OR run Classic
Open Mind and Open Heart be a happy OSX user
N0 Chooser-Print Manager
Root font folder and User level font Manager Tools exist

Saturday, November 08, 2003

HD And Why They Fail

I'm adding some MW notes from previous shows. Here's one from 2000.
Start by praying
Hardware Failure
flying height
diff. platter sizes
landing zone read write parks
float on air Cushion
head crash
click of death zip
Master block-most wear
replace HD in 3-4 yrs
User error
Software Directory Corruption or Vandi|ism

Computer Viruses natural diasters
Viruses natural diasters
Do it yourself Recovery
Disk first Aid best
Drive setup-reformate try if Can't see HD
Latest Norton-best ever unerase feature
Ver. 4 HD damage
save Unerase to other drive
Avoid Disk Doctor at all costs
Doctor OK preventive
Disk Warrior Awesome!
Use when you have crashes
preview function
not foolproof
Data Rescue-shareware good
Backup (tape) vs. Archive (CD read/write)
Rotate media
Turn off if over 8 hrs no use
reformate once a yr low level

Online Ed Natanya Pitts MW2001

Check Out Apple Ed URLS
Delivery, Tracking Students activities, support live classroom, E-Learning
Community, Instruction
Student Managment
Tech. Support
Navigation, Testing, Support Materials
Formats & platforms
Secure Testing
Online Expected
Extend Program
Develop faster & cheaper?
Accomodate different Learning Styles
Students Ready &
Resources & Expertise?
Any Demand?
Delivery Options
HTML, Multi Media,, PDF, Combine
Users vary, New Tech?, Bandwidth?, Less Control Of student activity? Need more than HTML Options, Hire Outsource
Development/Manage it
WWW.iO.com/- Natanya
Con.K SY3 5 megs free
LANWrights.com Training Center
Natanya Pitts
Barnes Noble University www.bn.com

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Newton at MacWorld again...

We are starting to plan another journey to MW in San Francisco and I plan on having my Newton present for live blog updates again. With that and my VisorPhone, another piece of "forgotten technology" I should be adequately connected for all the basics. I expect we will have a powerbook available for hotel connectivity too. It should be quite a fun time including the Amtrak train/bus trip to and from the city.
I'm looking forward to this and will try to keep the newted community informed too.

/blogging on a Dell peecee.....?

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