Saturday, January 11, 2003

nBlog works and it Rocks! Thank you Adam Tow!

So many things to do now. Safari is running but Sticky Brain needs to be Installed. HP printer memory has been installed and the new 120 gig drive Set up.

Jaguar is running and I'm ready to see if my iPod will work with a firewire Card bus. Then we move Laurie's Mac to Jaguar. That will be fun!

On the newton side I have to get nHTML working, fix my Internet settings, and some other conflicts and finally, another newtsync Of my address book and personal Calandar. Oh yes, I still need to pay for my wireless driver and other new software.

Whew, what did I miss?

p.s. Go Raiders!

Thursday, January 09, 2003

Homeward Bound
We got out of Macworld about 5 pm in the rain. The bus to the train missed the worst of the traffic somehow including atruck hanging off the bridge? I don't think I managed to send an email to Newtontalk pointing them to my simple blog from Macworld. That was more of a goal for me than anything else. Hooking up with Adam Tow was a real highlight. That man is on a MISSION and has more exciting things cooking so stay tuned. I took a couple of pics that I'll be sharing soon. One thing Adam and I talked about was a master iCal Calandar for Newton Users. We had several newton users Come by for tips and encouragement. I think they left with both. Others were simply Curlous and were blown away by what Adam was doing online. Oh yeah, the rest of Macworld was not too shabby either. you can read abo�t that other Places. Dale (on the train home) p.s. http://aplodontia.blogspot.com
All I Can Say is Adam Tow Is the Man! I got word that he was at MW and we hooked up. Tne result is that I have the right wireless driver and be fixed my nBlog so I am up and So My newt pageS are noW being posted. Too Cool! More later... Dale http://aplodontia.blogspot.com
Here I am at MW and I am a actually going Slower and with less online activities than normal. I didn't bring a laptop and my online activity is mainly with a newton and visor. We had dinner at Original Joe's, Serving since I937 and no Website. Also, all this wireless connectivity and I still can't Connect.
It's big and busy. Tne place is more unwired than ever. So far, my newt hasn't been able to connect to the free Wireless net out there. I thought I wonld write hp regular updates and post them now or soon after the show. It's too busy for that. I am disappointed not to have nblog working. Then I would have tried harder to solve my Wireless Connection. This newt needs some work It seems. Meanwhile, the new Powerbooks look and feel hot! All the OSX Stuff looks good too.
On the Train To Macworld
OK we are off on a very foggy day. It looks like a good day to be leaving. You can tell that there GN others going to MacWorld. The conversations and gear bags give them away. I've already heard some on mention Newton and they weren't talking about me! with my iPod playing the Eagles tune Seven Bridges Road, we are off. I last played that Song on the flight back from New Zealand almoSt a year ago. That was better than MacWorld. I made the last Minute Call to leave the powerbook, jaguar and all that Connectivity home. Too much Stress trying to get those cool Adam Tow tools working. Damn him! Now I may need to keep my Newton for a couple more years! Ha like I wasn't.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Note to file: That last msg was emailed to me and then posted via browser. I'm not newt blogging, yet....


This is the very first attempt at using Adam Tow's new Blog app on my
If this works, It was sent supposed to be sent wirelessly but I'm still
working on that. Wirelessly, Imagine that! I hope to post often from
MacWorld where I will be the next 3 days.....


"defy gravity!" Sent wirelessly from my newton!

Monday, January 06, 2003

So far, I'm not getting my newton to post although it seemed to connect to the blog server at least once wirelessly. If I'm lucky, I'll hook up with the developer, Adam Tow, during the next few days at MacWorld. Otherwise, I'll probably drop a few more lines here during the event from an internet cafe or something. That just won't be the same though....

This blog has been set up to test a new application just developed for Newtons. If all goes well, I'll be using it to record my thoughts and observations while running around at MacWorld SF for the next few days. This initial test post has been done on my powerbook (wirelessly) at home. I intend to do the same (wirelessly that is) post with my newton as soon as I get the configurations figured out. Here goes....


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